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Web Summit Lisbon: where people and possibilities meet

Obrigado Web Summit. Web Summit is an annual conference held since 2009, gathered around startup communities and tech nerds. It’s about innovation, technology and a whole lot more! You can almost ‘smell’ the creativity as you enter the hall.

It's all about being an active part of a large community

Web Summit Lisbon is a mix of people, cultures and possibilities from all over the world. I can for sure tell you, I had so much fun! Coming to Lisbon, I didn’t know what to expect. But it exceeded my expectations and it changed my perspectives. It was really well organized. Having the Web Summit mobile app, in which you could choose what speech you wanted to attend, having a schedule set up for you, connecting with the attendees and the speakers through chat.. Everything was made to make you feel welcome and be an active part of a large community.

Robots and non-traditional databases

From introducing the new social robot Furhat, to talking about the style and the legacy of Aston Martin, there were many diverse talks. Throughout the summit I felt so inspired and overwhelmed with ideas, creativity and new information. As a developer I learned about new technologies that I can use and new practices that contribute to my work. IBM had a really cool workshop about how to build a chatbot with IBM Watson Assistant. This chatbot can engage with customers on their terms. AWS held a workshop for understanding graph databases, which are non-traditional databases, good for applications that store a lot of relationships between data. Another workshop from AWS was about building multi-region applications in the cloud, which is helpful when you want to run services on a global scale.

Women in Tech

As my ticket was part of Women in Tech, I got a session with a mentor. Here I got some very good advice about my career and how to step up in your workplace. “You don’t have to prove yourself with words, you let your hard work and knowledge speak for itself.” This literally has made me change some perceptions about my career and what I want from it.

My tips for your trip to Lisbon

Oh Lisbon, beauty on the coast! Next to the summit, I had time to visit this city. Picturesque architecture, great food and nice people. My suggestion is to try pasteis de nata (especially when they’re warm). Trust me, you will thank me later. Also, try the seafood. Lisbon is known for excellent prepared seafood along with a glass of wine.

Last but not least. Where should you go when in Lisbon? Start with the National Pantheon, Lisbon Cathedral, Arco da Rua Augusta, Santa Justa Lift and Belem Tower. Do you have some time left? Go visit Lisbon Zoo and the Oceanarium, they are amazing! Make sure you also visit the points where you overlook the whole city and can take some great pictures. I will definitely visit again!

Martina Karanfilovska

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